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God is always at work and every Christian has the opportunity to make an impact. Enjoy stories and insights from missionaries and church planters that will challenge you to grow, inspire you to take action, and reveal God’s heart. Whether you feel called to minister the love of Jesus across the ocean or down the street, this show is for you.




Apr 26, 2017

Wondering if short term missions can make a difference? They did in Rick Preato's life. When he saw what God was doing, God began to speak to him about his calling to ministry and missions. -

Apr 19, 2017

Serving God in obedience is good but knowing His love gives us strength. Hear Kathie Slusser share how God transformed her heart and ministry, showing her that it was important to know that He was delighted with her. - 

Apr 7, 2017

Why share the Gospel? When Robert Harris met Jesus, he just fell in love and wanted to share his passion. He and his wife are doing that in Texas and will be showing how to share their love for Christ in Asia. -

Apr 5, 2017

In his teen years, Danny MacKay was in a place of darkness but God rescued him and transformed his life. Now his love for God overflows as he shares God's love, disciples others, and leads teams in Canada and abroad. -