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God is always at work and every Christian has the opportunity to make an impact. Enjoy stories and insights from missionaries and church planters that will challenge you to grow, inspire you to take action, and reveal God’s heart. Whether you feel called to minister the love of Jesus across the ocean or down the street, this show is for you.




Nov 22, 2014

Anthony Petrillo, the founder of TEN3 returns to share what God laid on his heart. He shares the key to effective ministry, how to grow in your relationship with the Lord, and how to deal with overwhelm. -

Nov 15, 2014

After college, JennyBeth Alford felt called to missions but it seemed like it wouldn't happen. Rather than throwing in the towel, she persevered, finding a place with TEN3. Now she's planning to go to Zambia. -

Nov 7, 2014 - God called Joe Gallop from Engineering to Missions work with nomads in Niger. Now he's the CEO of the Transformational Education Network (TEN3). He shares one reason Western institutions often fail in Africa.

Nov 3, 2014 - Anthony Petrillo has developd a series of astoundingly effective textbooks for teaching computer skills that work in any culture. He's based in the US and commutes to Africa to ttrain educators...